Sales terms and conditions


The placing of the order and the subsequent receipt of the order confirmation by the purchaser presupposes knowledge of and constitutes acceptance of these conditions of supply. These terms and conditions cancel and replace the purchaser's terms and conditions of purchase without the obligation of our written objection, unless otherwise accepted by us in writing.


The prices and the supply conditions indicated in the order confirmation, independently from what is indicated in the eventual economic offer, are the only ones binding for the parties. We accept orders sent exclusively by fax, mail or email. For date of emission of the order it is intended the date of reception to the supplier. Will be considered effective only orders confirmed by the supplier by order confirmation sent by fax, mail or email. Any changes to the order by the buyer must be communicated by fax, mail or email and are still subject to acceptance by the supplier by issuing further order confirmation.


Only the prices indicated in the order confirmation are valid. Prices are net of VAT.

Minimum order

We do not accept orders for an amount less than Euro 100.00 unless our acceptance by means of order confirmation, in which case we will charge an administrative fee of Euro 25.00.


The goods are delivered free to our warehouse in Signa (FI), unless specific agreements between the parties that provide for delivery free to destination, in which case the risk of transport is still borne by the recipient.

Terms of delivery

The delivery terms are purely indicative, in no case of delayed delivery the buyer can refuse all or part of the goods or claim compensation for direct or indirect damages. Delivery terms mean the day on which the products are ready for shipment and are expressly indicated in the order confirmation. The supplier will promptly inform the buyer of the risk of any delays if these exceed 5 working days from the expected date, quantifying and motivating them adequately. If it becomes necessary to carry out transport with characteristics of urgency, any increase in costs will be communicated to the buyer.


All sales are made in complete packages equal or multiple of the quantities shown in our catalogs and / or price lists. The requested quantities that deviate from the indicated packages will be modified, for excess or for defect, to comply with the standard packaging unit.


In the event that the established deadlines are not met, interest on arrears will be charged at the current commercial rate,
while the non-payment of an invoice authorizes the supplier to suspend any further shipment of material. The supplier's claim against the purchaser may be assigned in whole or in part without the purchaser's explicit consent.

Warranty and insurance

The products are guaranteed for the period established by law from the moment in which the transfer of ownership of the same to the purchaser is perfected. The guarantee consists in the replacement or repair, free of charge, of products that are unusable or defective due to manufacturing defects and will be valid only if they have been used in compliance with the technical standards. Any other damage and liability for direct or indirect damage resulting from improper use is excluded.
indirect damage resulting from improper use is excluded. The warranty will be provided only at the headquarters of the supplier in force at the time of order confirmation and will not recognize, as of now, charges attributable to the warranty for interventions carried out by the purchaser for replacement and / or repair at its headquarters or elsewhere. The warranty does not include normal wear and tear, nor failures or breakages resulting from insufficient maintenance, nor can it be requested when the purchaser has tampered with the products supplied or is not up to date with payments.
The supplier is covered by special insurance to cover risks arising from civil liability that may result from total or partial failure to meet its obligations and all related risks, including the risk resulting from the supply of defective products in accordance with the provisions of art. 1917 of the Civil Code.

Product characteristics

All indications relating to technical characteristics, weight, dimensions, drawings, are provided for information only and are subject to updates without prior notice. Unless otherwise agreed, the purchaser is not authorized to send to third parties any declarations, technical drawings and/or documents drawn up in confidential form or containing indications that are totally or partially protected by patents or in any case are part of the supplier's industrial property. All drawings, technical specifications, projects and documentation in general relating to the products made available to the purchaser are and remain the exclusive property of the supplier. The purchaser undertakes to extend this constraint to its possible sub-suppliers should they become aware of the aforementioned information.


Any complaints must be notified in writing within 8 (eight) days from receipt of goods, after this period lapses any right. The acceptance of the products by the buyer releases the supplier from the responsibility of producer in order to the quality and quantity of products.

Reserved domain

The delivery of our materials is understood to be made and accepted with the agreement of our reserved domain until the total fulfillment of payment obligations arising from the supply.

Material returns

We do not accept returns of material if not authorized in advance in writing and made free of our warehouse in intact and original packaging.


For all disputes, the Court of Prato will have exclusive jurisdiction.


The general terms and conditions of supply are governed by Italian law.
Any references to Incoterms contained in the order confirmation are to be understood as references to the Incoterms version published by the International Chamber of Commerce in force on the date of the order confirmation. The presence of one or more null or invalid clauses will not affect the validity of the order/purchase contract as a whole.

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